Boarding Charges

The simplest way to express our pricing policies is that we charge what’s fair.  We are owner/operators who answer all the calls and do all the grunt work. We know how much attention a particular dog needs, and thus our rates are not arbitrary.

We factor two additional elements in addition to size.

The first is the Oscar Madison thru Felix Unger scale.  We appreciate each dog for his uniqueness, so an Oscar can be as lovable as a Felix, but Oscars require a lot more “grunt work”.  So, if you have a medium sized dog named Oscar and a medium sized dog named Felix, Oscar will cost more per night than Felix.

The second element will be less easily explained if you believe it is normal for dogs to bark incessantly. An inspection of our setting will demonstrate that is simply not true.

About one dog in thirty will be a “trance barker” which simply means once he starts, he cannot find the off switch.

Many dogs have learned to bark to get attention.  Not a big deal.  Some have developed elaborate strategies that include barking as a problem solver. These are more amusing than anything else. Particularly the divas.

NOTE: Because true “barkaholics” are so uncommon that we don’t want to address the topic here. We do offer our thirty years’ perspective on trance barking on our Blog.

We also reserve the right the charge the following fees at our sole discretion.  Because we already have calculated a fair overall nightly boarding charge, we only invoke these options if a dog or owner issue is disproportionate.

Medication Charges: In mouth $1.00; Ear &Eye Ointments $1.50

Checkout Charges: In general, we do not impose checkout charges; the only exceptions occur on summer weekends and certain times during major holidays when we are filled to capacity.

Off-hour accommodation: We try to be flexible if you need a somewhat earlier or later check-in or check-out than indicated by our scheduled office hours. We work these out on a case by case basis and may include a modest fee. The only exceptions are Saturday after 2pm and Sunday, outside our Courtesy hour. PLEASE DON’T ASK.

Third Party Dropoffs & Pickups: We recognize that sometimes third-party involvement is necessary, but if your motivation is to shave a couple of dollars off your boarding bill, please consider if you’re being “penny wise, pound foolish”. In any event you will need to make payment arrangements, and you will be responsible for driving directions, and for communicating with the third party. If your stand-in says insulting things like “O boy I’ll bet your happy to get out of this place”, expect to pay more.

Miscellaneous charges that are not specified here, e.g., driving a dog to his veterinarian, are calculated at a labor rate of $25.00/hour plus expenses.

Canine Nightly Boarding Rates Effective 07/01/2019

Very Small to Small    $23 – $25

Medium                       $26 – $29

Large to Very Large    $30 – $35

Multiple Pets receive a 15% discount if boarded together, 10% if boarded separately.