Quality Time

As an alternative to or as a supplement for exercise periods we prefer to think in terms of personalized Quality Time options.

The length of our QT sessions may seem short when compared to an “everyone gets a half hour whether they want or need it or not” system.

In fact, most of the dogs who come sprinting onto our play yard are winded in 5 minutes, then start walking the perimeter sniffing and lifting. When they’ve had enough, they walk to the gate, wait for us to catch up, then pull us back to their rooms when they remember they’ve left their stuff unattended.  Over the years we’ve had a few Charlie T’s whose endurance put our young summer staffers to shame, but they are the exception.

On any given day a few dogs will chill out for a few hours keeping Cathy company while she’s bathing other dogs. Some will get a brushing, others an ear cleaning, or a pedicure.  Others just like the sound of shampooers, dryers, clippers and such.  Hanging out is quite satisfactory.  A canine Steel Magnolias.

Another very important quality session takes but a few minutes and often makes the difference between coping and enjoying.  Its effectiveness can be tested at home by skeptics.  We will be filming and uploading a YouTube video called “Petting Mother’s Way” in the very near future (which may prove to be after Labor Day).