Other Topics

Beds and Bedding

We have a wide variety of beds, bedding and mats, all cut to size for easy cleaning.  We discourage people from bring their own bedding.  


Our storage space is limited. Unless your pet is on a prescription diet or “must have” a particular kibble, we prefer to provide his/her food.  In our early days, we maintained an inventory of 9 varieties of dry food plus prescription quality canned food plus a “cheap brand” for dog that wouldn’t eat  anything else.

After three decades we have settled on a “smart set” of food that:

#1 – Dogs like to eat

#2 – Is very easy on the stomach

#3 – Is domestically manufactured

#4 – Produces scoop friendly output

There is so much misinformation about dogs and diarrhea from “changes in diet”, we will publish a blog post on the topics.  In the interim I’ll ask those who are skeptical on this point why would the people who wield the scoops want anything but the best quality output?  Nor are we suggesting that you should not maintain your pup on a high quality diet at home.  However, if you believe your dog doesn’t get tired of the same old stuff every mealtime, think again.


Less is better.  Note we didn’t say don’t bring any.  Just that less is better.  Most dogs ignore their chew toys while they are here. From your dog’s perspective this is a very stimulating place.  Lots of new and different things to focus on.

We do have a supply of toys for those who are interested. We disinfect them thoroughly between users. We would much rather be involved with caring for your pet than for his belongings. In any event, we cannot be responsible for toys that get lost or destroyed.

Bathing and grooming

Because our kennel cleaning routines are quite comprehensive, most dogs do not need a bath before they go home (unless they were in need when they arrived).

Nevertheless, for your convenience we offer complete baths on going-home day.  We generally do not offer grooming services but our complete baths included trimming of face, feet and privates as well as a pedicure. We use very high quality shampoos and conditioners.

As noted on our Rates page, sometimes mother nature launches a humidity offensive that might make your otherwise charming dog a little offensive too.  Unless you show up unexpectedly we’ll provide a nice “freshen up” bath on the house.  Alternately, if your dog tends to be a little sloppy (Oscar not Felix) we may insist on one for a charge in the neighborhood of $10.

Fleas and Ticks

Years ago control of fleas and ticks was rightly a major concern on the part of prospective boarders. Now nearly everyone uses monthly drops to protect against these parasites, so the questions rarely come up.

Nonetheless we want you to know that our grounds are treated four times annually for flea and tick control. Furthermore our kennel cleaning routines virtually eliminate the possibility of cross contamination.

Finally, there is no way we can prove a negative, i.e. that a flea you find on your dog the afternoon or next day or next week didn’t hitch a ride from the kennel.  Thus we make no warranty concerning fleas and ticks whatsoever.