First Reservation Planning

We strongly recommend dropping off your pup between 9 and Noon.  This is because the most challenging day for a new dog is his first one here. Best he be settled in before the sun goes down.

As you will learn on our Customer Relations page, as your dog become more accustomed to boarding here, these details become less pertinent. In a similar fashion once we are comfortable doing business with one another most of these details will be less pertinent.

When you check in your pet you will notice that all we ask about pickup day is whether you want your dog bathed before he leaves.  If your answer is yes, we can arrange the earliest possible checkout time.  After that we ask for your best guess as to when you expect to come for your dog.

Of course, if you are not getting your dog bathed, all we ask from you is your projected pick up time.

Perhaps we have the hotel industry to thank for this, but many people suppose we are going to charge them an additional night’s board if they are picked up after noontime.  This despite three decades of telling people we do not have a noon checkout.

We do, however, reserve the right to include a one-night Checkout charge for pickups and drop offs after the latest hours on the above chart.

We also reserve the right to charge for any drop-offs or pickups before 9AM.  The rate will be calculated as follows:

Dropoff @ 8:30 = No Charge

Dropoff @ 8:00 = $10

Dropoff @ 7:30 = $15

Dropoff @ 7:00 = $20

If you require an earlier time than that we recommend you check-in your pup the day before.

If our use of the term “we reserve the right” confuses you, kindly review our Rates page.

It’s no secret that the logistics surrounding travel can ruin a vacation.  When this happens the last thing, we want to do is add insult to injury.  Having said that, we have some customers who need special considerations more than they do not.  Hence, we must reserve our rights. Nuff said.