The Story Behind Brookline Kennels

A canine Steel Magnolias.


Welcome to the 2019 edition of the Brookline Kennels Website.

We have redesigned the site in order to offer value to our existing customer base as well as new folks interested in learning about boarding their pets.

Our previous website was aimed primarily at new visitors, but now we hope our “regulars” will check in frequently, as we will be adding new information (not rewrites of what you already know) on a regular basis.

A primary topic we’ll be discussing is dog behavior issues-what they mean, how to respond to them…

In addition to our blog we also have a YouTube Channel where we’ll be building a collection of funny dog and cat videos as well as more serious fare.

And a Facebook page which will contain videos and articles, so if you’re on Facebook, stop by and visit our page; likes are always appreciated.

There’s a Google+ page as well which will notify you of Hangouts that we have planned. At these Hangouts you’ll be able to listen to and interact with leading veterinarians, trainers and other pet professionals.

The reason we have so many different online locations as well as our new blog is to make it easy for customers and prospective customers to add to the conversation via their own posts at whatever location is most convenient.

If you’ve been wondering “Why does my dog do that?” and been unable to get more than general information, put your question on our blog and we’ll try to provide a useful answer. The same applies to health and nutrition questions, Which we will bring to one of the many pet care experts we have met over the last 25 years.

On any given day a few dogs will chill out for a few hours keeping Cathy company while she’s bathing other dogs. Some will get a brushing, others an ear cleaning, or a pedicure.  Others just like the sound of shampooers, dryers, clippers and such.  Hanging out is quite satisfactory.  A canine Steel Magnolias.

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