WELCOME TO Brookline Kennels

Thank You for visiting our website. Our purpose is to have complete answers to the questions that prospective boarders most often ask. Because we are a smaller operation than most, we don’t have full time receptionists to man the phones.  Think of this site as a “virtual receptionist.” You can also make a “virtual inspection” by watching our 4 minute video.

We would like to introduce ourselves to pet owners in the Central Jersey area. Perhaps you are a new pet owner, new to the area, or for one reason or another are considering making a change to your current pet care arrangements.

If this is your first visit we encourage you to examine the Who We Are page.

The last time we checked most kennel websites show everything but the areas where the dogs will spend most of the day. Our 4 minute video focuses on that aspect of our service.  We certainly wish our chain link had more visual appeal, but the pups don’t seem to mind. 

If you are a new pet owner, new to the area, or  considering making a change to your current pet care arrangements, we encourage you to stop by, meet us, inspect the facility, evaluate the emotional state of our guests, then decide if we are the best choice for your pup. 

If your pup were making arrangements for your care she’d check out every facility she could find in her search for your best place.  Sad but true most people spend more time shopping for a new pair of shoes than they invest in finding a pet’s home away from home before the need arises.

If you determine that you dog will be better served by another facility after visiting here we will feel as though we’ve helped you make an informed decision. In times past there wasn’t much reason for a regular visitor to return to this website.

However this year we will be sharing a lot of unfolding events by posting information on our blog, so we hope that our customers will revisit periodically, especially over the next 90 days or so.

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Get an inside look at Brookline Kennels

Take a 4 minute virtual tour of a day in the kennel by watching the video on the left. Your pet will have her own sanitary, comfortable, private, secure space of her own. We provide comfortable beds and bedding to please all sizes and shapes of guests, as well as a private outdoor area protected with bright polymer sunroof when nature calls. Everything we do contributes to an emotionally rewarding experience for each visitor.

Listen To What our customers are saying about Brookline kennels

Jill C.

My pets home away from home-SUPER!

lAURA p.

Mark and Kathy are awesome with the animals.

Sophia C.

Great Place!

Philip G.

The Best Kennel I've ever had the pleasure...

Frequent Flyers
Welcome to the new Brookline Kennels 

Welcome to the 2019 edition of our website. We have modernized the site in order to establish a direct digital relationship with our familiar customers as well as to provide pertinent information to prospective new customers and their four legged friends.

Vaccination Requirements

  • Dogs
  • Distemper-Parvo
  • Bordetella
  • Rabies
  • Cats
  • Distemper
  • Rabies
  • Leukemia(for outdoor cats)